Apply now to the best Malaysian universities

Malaysian university education is one of the advanced educational systems locally and internationally. The number of foreign students studying in Malaysian universities exceeds 100,000 students from different countries of the world, and this indicates the strength and quality of education in Malaysia, both academically and practically. Malaysian universities have proven their ability to attract students and create the general atmosphere for them in accordance with the requirements of their studies and provide all means that help in raising the level of academic achievement. The main reasons for choosing Malaysia are:

High-quality education programs:

The Malaysian government monitors the quality of education in educational institutions by applying a set of legislation such as the Education Act 1996, the Private Higher Education Institutions Act 1996 and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007. The Malaysian Qualifications Agency constantly monitors and guides to ensure that colleges and universities meet the highest recognized standard international education.

Institutions of higher education in Malaysia offer professionalism, focusing on providing modern courses and educational programs related to the labor market and employment. . Graduates from Malaysian universities have no problem finding a suitable job. Higher education in Malaysia enables foreign students to obtain a degree from world-renowned universities in Britain, the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand, either through twinning programs with Malaysian universities or through their branches in Malaysia.

Low cost of living and tuition fees:

One of the most important characteristics of studying in Malaysia is the tuition fees that are very reasonable costs with a high quality of education, and the cost of living is also very low. The value of the ringgit is low against other foreign currencies, which gives the student an opportunity and an advantage to study and live in Malaysia.
  If you are confused about studying in Malaysia, you hit two birds with one stone: obtaining a degree from a university and internationally recognized on a large scale, at the same time at reasonable costs and less than other countries.

Large scale of English language:

The English language is one of the most popular official languages in the country, which helps the student to integrate with society faster and better understand with their colleagues and teachers.

The phenomenal development of technology:

Malaysia has recently become one of the major centers for global technology companies in South and Southeast Asia, and the country owes a lot to the technological revolution that has contributed to the country’s economic growth during the past 50 years. If you are considering studying computer science or information technology then Malaysia will be an excellent choice for you.

Country of peace and security:

Malaysia is one of the 20 most secure countries around the world, and many who visited the Asian country earlier describe their people as peaceful and hospitable.

Among the most prominent universities in Malaysia:

University Name
1.جامعة تناقا الوطنية  (University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN
2.جامعة اسيا باسيفيك أبيت  (Asia pacific University (APU
3.جامعة يو سي اس أي  UCSI
4.جامعة سيجي  Segi University
5.جامعة مهاسا Mahsa University
6.جامعة هيلب Help University
7.جامعة ليمكوكوينج Limkokwing university
8.جامعة سايبرجايا university of Cyberjaya
9.جامعة انتي INTI University  
10.جامعة البنية التحتية كوالالمبور Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur IUKL